For Your Health

Providing you with healthy options is something your Sodexo team proudly does every day.  Sodexo helps guests on our campuses select delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals, snacks and desserts by highlighting well-balanced menu choices and providing nutritional information and tips to help guests make choices that fit their needs.

An important part of our focus on health and wellness is the use of seasonal menus, featuring fresh and healthy ingredients - many of which are grown by local or regional farmers.  Every season has its own unique produce that is showcased in delicious signature dishes to highlight the distinct flavors and natural appeal of seasonal items.  Enjoy healthy choices on your campus throughout the year and as part of the promotions and events

To provide you with healthy choices that have reduced sugar, salt and fats, our chefs and supply team work hard to source the best ingredients for the menus on your campus.  One example of how we recently did this is by offering a new turkey burger.  The new turkey burger is lower in sodium, fat and calories than the previous option.  Learn more about this great new choice: Diners bowled over by healthier turkey burger.

What is a balanced choice?

A “balanced” plate means eating from more than one food group. It’s about making 50% of your plate plant-based with fruits and vegetables, 25% with lean protein and another 25% with healthy grains. Build your own plate using the lean proteins, wholesome grains and carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables available throughout your dining room.  Don’t be afraid to combine foods from different stations.  Try a spinach salad topped with black beans, brown rice, and a turkey burger (no bun) for a healthy and delicious meal.

Looking for more information about creating a balanced plate?  Visit Choose My Plate to learn more about the food groups and balancing calories, use interactive wellness tools and more! 

Sodexo’s nutrition icons make it easy to identify healthy choices
Look for the following nutrition icons on the foods being served on your campus to help you meet your dietary needs or desires.

Gluten-FreeLocalVeganVegetarianWhole Grain

WB Mindful food items meet stringent nutritional criteria based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Each meal part is limited in calories, has fewer than 35% of calories as fat, fewer than 10% of calories as saturated fat, and is restricted in sodium, and cholesterol. Look for the Mindful icon to indulge in the healthy and delicious items offered at each meal.

If you need additional assistance finding the right types of foods for you, please reach out to your Sodexo manager or chef.

If you have dietary questions, please contact us so we can help!  Sodexo has registered dietitians ready to answer your questions and help you make healthy choices. 

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